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UX Designer Experience cloud storage services

The Human Interface Engineering Group (HIE) at Trend Micro in Taipei, HIE supports worldwide Trend Micro products and services. I worked in the Department for 2 month as an intern. During the time, I was responsible for a cloud storage services in mobile device for enterprise, and a Security App as a UI/UX designer. In addition, I've contributed to redesign file type icon graphic. During the time, I also took the IDEO course and communication course to improve the ability of the collaboration. Due to the confidential commitment, I cannot public too detailed information publicly. Here I've provided brief descriptions of what I did.

UI Designer1位、UI Designer Intern 2位

My Role
UI Design,透過完整的設計流程收斂成UI Flow,手繪Wireframe,並簡報

TingYeh | UI Designer

A Cloud Storage Services in Mobile Device for Enterprise.

In the 2 months internship, I was one of the key member to support the product team and was responsible for a mobile device interface, the project aimed to re-design and collect end-user user experience via interview and brainstorming workshop. My main goal was to providing a fluent UX and define the language that guides users through the whole experience. That’s a communication-driven design process.

Here’s what I learned from the experience :

  • Collaborating with senior interactive designers and a intern to determine a product concept that provides clear value.
  • Developing use-case solutions, workflows and visual designs for a cloud storage services through understanding the target users, their goals, tasks, and problems.
  • Participating in the brainstorming workshop to determine the top scenarios that achieve those goals, and let them drive most design decisions.
  • Presenting design solutions and project deliverables to team members and client teams.
  • Participate in regular design reviews and other team-wide design efforts.
TingYeh | UI Designer

A Security App

I also got a side project - a Security App, which help people in Taiwan deal with the fraud event and prevent them from the fraud event.

Here’s what I learned from the experience :

  • Collaborating with senior interactive designers.
  • Carrying out workflow use-cases that provides insights of the experience.
  • Presenting design solutions.
TingYeh | UI Designer
TingYeh | UI Designer
TingYeh | UI Designer

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